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The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap!

How would it have been possible to resist this? I wouldn’t know, I didn’t even try to resist! At this point, I don’t even remember where I heard about it. But nothing spurs me to ambitious feats of baking more … Continue reading

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Oh Joy, it’s back to Sundays with Joy!

It seems like a million years, what with my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah and then Passover with all leavenings and leavened and potentially leavened products banished to the depths of the garage, but I’m back to baking on Sundays with Joy! … Continue reading

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It’s a pancake…it’s a cupcake…it’s both!

I just happened to be baking cupcakes because…who needs a reason? Actually, I have four or five students with March birthdays, a load of extra frosting in my refrigerator and a baking mania. Plus, enough batter for 13 cupcakes. I … Continue reading

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Pi Day Pie

Got out the “Pi” plate and flung together a pecan pie to celebrate Pi Day. Said pie was transported to school, bisected and dissected without the aid of a knife; the resulting picture was not pretty but will be posted … Continue reading

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