Trying to spend a Sunday with Joy

I’ve been missing in action from the Sundays with Joy baking group but am at least getting around to posting what I baked almost a month ago: Chocolate Fudge Brownies with Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Frosting.



Since I’m apparently incapable of ever making a recipe exactly as noted, I made Joy’s Brown Sugar Cream Cheese Frosting instead of the peanut butter cream cheese frosting. In my defense I must state that I’m really not fond of peanut butter so I generally will choose to modify a recipe in order to avoid it. And I really love the brown sugar cream cheese frosting.



These were a dream to make; in addition to all the things one might expect to find in a brownie, they also contain chocolate chips which make for a more fun textural experience. The husband guy said that they were the best he’d ever had. Who am I to argue with him?



Although the brown sugar cream cheese frosting usually comes out perfect, it was a little grainy this time. Nothing that couldn’t be fixed by the judicious use of chocolate sprinkles.


October’s over, but the memories remain.

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