An Eponymous Confection

It’s not really a confection. But how many times does a person get to use the word “eponymous” in a blog post? I didn’t even know what it meant for most of my life.* This week’s recipe for Sundays with Joy was banana coconut cream pie. But here’s the thing; if someone said to me, “Eat this banana, and I’ll give you a million dollars,” I’d probably eat the banana. If someone said to me, “If you don’t eat this banana, I’ll shoot you,” I would probably eat the banana. But I don’t think that anybody is likely to give me a million dollars for eating a banana, or shoot me for not eating one. So until that day comes, you won’t find me making a recipe with bananas.**


A couple of weeks ago, I was confused.*** Even though the recipe was for peach cobbler muffins, for some reason, I thought it was the extra crumb coffee cake. I love crumb cakes**** and went ahead and made that recipe. It was fabulous, so much so that I considered asking my husband to tie me to my chair to prevent me from eating more helpings than would be good for any of us. I figured out that, regarding the calendar, I was out of whack, and also made the peach cobbler muffins (delicious, maybe to be described in a future post). But the crumb cake haunted me.


When I made the crumb cake the first time, I loved it. It called for cocoa powder in the swirl but I left it out because, although I love chocolate, I wanted the pure experience of cinnamon and nutmeg with no assertive chocolate nosing its way through the sugary spice. The extra crumb topping was also surpassingly delicious but exhibited a tendency to leap off the cliff of the cake in a distressingly lemming-like fashion.  So when the opportunity came up to make it again, I wanted to try something a bit different for the topping.


I’m up in Eastern Washington state, visiting my family. What I do for fun during such visits usually consists of haunting book stores, buying more vintage aprons than could be considered healthy and, of course, baking. Part of baking these days, as we all know, is surfing the web, idly hoping for diamonds to turn up in the mass of pebbles that are all the recipes to be found online. I was looking for something to do with blackberries and found a nice looking recipe for a blackberry crumb cake. The ingredients for the crumb topping were similar but it called for the butter to be melted and the topping to be distributed in clumps on the top of the cake batter. Eureka!

I exercised self control, no idea how that happened. It was even better than the first time!

* Eponymous means “of, relating to, or being the person or thing for whom or which something is named.” (thank you, online dictionaries!)

** I will probably try to figure out how I can make the banana coconut cream pie with something besides bananas. Don’t hold your breath, though…

*** I am confused more often than that, usually at least once a day

**** It’s that eponymous thing again—tales from the crumb tray, crumb cakes, ok, ok, I’ll stop!

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