Lotsa Matzah!

A wandering mind will occasionally happen upon a truly cockamamie idea. I have frosting (see my previous post), I have matzah, why don’t I make a cake out of it? I’d seen recipes for crepe cakes so that’s where I’m going with this.

Today, I am a man (oops, wrong religious event). Today, I frosted a bunch of pieces of matzah, alternating between brown sugar cream cheese frosting and chocolate cream cheese frosting (thank you, Joy the Baker). Extensive testing determined that the frostings, while glorious for cupcakes, were a bit too sweet on the matzah; I added cream cheese to solve that problem.


The matzah cake will now repose sweetly overnight in the refrigerator and be crowned, resplendently, in a chocolate glaze, sometime in the near future.

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